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From The Desk Of Michael Ingerson

Dear Friend and Fellow Trader,

Can you imagine waking up each morning excited about the new trading day? You will literally be "Tap Dancing" to your computer because each and every trading day is filled with new opportunities. Trading is the most exciting way I know to make a boat load of extra cash.

How would you like to make insane profits from "Secret Stock Signals" just by looking at a few charts? These signals are not complicated. In fact, once you know what to look for you can spot them in a matter of a few seconds.

These trading skills can actually be learned by anyone. If this sounds like something you might be interested in then today is your lucky day.

My name is Michael Ingerson. Everyone just calls me Tall Mike. My passion in life is trading stocks and options.  As a stock and option trader you have the potential to become a new breed of trader and find financial freedom trading from home.

I love to help out fellow traders when I discover a trading technique that works and makes large profits. I have written several trading manuals and have sold thousands of them to fellow traders around the world.

There are many different opportunities that come up in the markets that you can take advantage of. Sometimes you will need to buy an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and other times you will need to use an option to maximize your profits and other times you will need to short a stock to capitalize on an opportunity.

My favorite time to trade is during the stock earning season, but you must know which technique to use so you don't get your butt handed to you.

My point is there is ample opportunity to make money in the markets if you know what to look for and which technique to use.

There is nothing hard or complicated to trading. Most of it can be grasped by anyone with a 6th grade education. However, you do have to be prepared and know what to look for.

For the first time ever I am putting all of my "battle-tested" trading techniques into what I call the "Wall Street Cash Flow Boot Camp". This way you will have everything you need to be a successful trader.

I used to sell each one of these separately and it ran into a lot of money. Today I will show you that I am almost giving them away.

Let me go over what you will get with the "Wall Street Cash Flow Boot Camp":

ETF Magic Money Manual

The “ETF Magic Money Manual” will teach you everything you need to know about trading. When you use my trading system you are not going to be making a lot of trades. Three or four trades a week will be enough to make you big profits.

I use my trading system to trade Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). These trade just like stocks but I feel they are safer for trading. With stocks you can wake up and find your company had bad earnings and your stock is down 25 percent or worse yet you find out they are being investigated for fraudulent accounting practices and 50 percent is wiped off the top. You don’t have these problems when you trade ETF’s.

A simple explanation is that an ETF is just a basket of stocks. For example, the QQQ is an ETF for the Nasdaq. The SPY is an ETF for the S and P index. There are ETF’s for gold and silver and oil. There are financial ETF’s and technology ETF’s. In my opinion ETF’s are a safer way to trade than a single stock.

The key to my trading system is to wait until the perfect time to jump in and then wait some more to collect all of your profits. I am not a day trader. I wait for the markets to come to me and then I pounce on them.

I have put my trading system in an easy to read and understand manual. Here are just a few examples of what you will learn:

*** When to enter a trade for maximum profits ***
*** How to make safe and secure profits when the market is falling ***
*** How to make a killing when the bull market takes off ***
*** How to trade the market cycle***
*** A simple technique to tell when an ETF is making a bottom or a top***

These are just a few of the things you will learn in this manual. It is a very exciting time for ETF’s. The market is getting ready to make some major moves. I want you to be armed with the proper information to make the right moves.

The Gold And Silver Report

It’s called “The Gold And Silver Report.” These two metals are making smart traders a large fortune.

Here are just a few things you will discover in this very special report:

***You will learn which ETF’s to use to not only make your trading easy but also to maximize profits!

***You will learn key ratios that determine when to be a buyer and when to be a seller!

***How to use gold and silver strategies in your retirement plan!

***How to tell if gold and silver are cheap or expensive and this has very little to do with price.

***The best place to buy physical gold and silver at wholesale prices. This can give you an instant 20% on your investment!

***Two of the best free websites that give you inside trading information about the gold and silver markets.

***I also include a couple of gold mining and exploration stocks that are now selling for a couple of bucks, but should soon be worth several times more!

As you can see this special report will teach you the secrets to generating fast profits trading gold and silver.

Profit During Earnings Season

If you had a choice of becoming wealthy very fast or becoming wealthy slowly over time which would you choose? Most of us would say “I want to become wealthy very fast. I want to be wealthy now!”

When I buy a stock in the stock market I want the stock to go up immediately. The problem is we need a catalyst to make the stock move. The stock market has a catalyst built into each stock four times a year. These are called earnings announcements and they happen every three months for each stock.

If the news is good the stock will shoot up like a bat out of hell. If the news is bad…look out below because the stock will drop like a rock.

I have a confession to make. “I Don’t Read Earnings Reports!” By the time the report comes out it is already too late. The stock has already moved. Sometimes the move is small, only one or two percent. Sometimes the move is large, 20 or 30 percent. It would be very rare if a stock like Apple or Netflix announced earnings and the stock did not move one direction or the other.

So we pretty much know that the stock is going to move, but which direction will it go. Well, the stock will either move up or down. A monkey can get the direction right 50% of the time. If a monkey can get it right 50% of the time…surely you can pick stocks better than a monkey.

Maybe you are not sure if you can pick stocks better than a monkey. Don’t worry about this. I have a few techniques that I can show you to get this ratio up to 70 or 80 percent in your favor.

I love to play earnings announcements. There are so many announcements that you could not possibly play them all. I stick with most of the big names and some of the smaller ones. I usually have too many plays for the first two months of earnings season and then the third month is a little slow. The cycle starts over every three months.

Let me give you a little example of how I trade. I find the play I like. I usually buy the stock late in the day. After the market closes the stock announces earnings. The stock either pops or drops and I sell the stock the next morning when the market opens. I am usually only in the stock for one day. Many times I will make a quick 10 or 20 percent.

High Powered Option Strategies

The beauty of stock options are that it takes so little to get started investing. Also once you buy the option you are not at risk for any more money than the cost of the option.

High powered option strategies will give you a huge advantage over other traders who don’t have these valuable trading tools. Now there is a fast way for you to learn about these stock option trading methods. I have written a manual called “Creating Wealth Trading Stock Options”. This manual is written in non-technical language and will help take the mystery out of how to be a successful stock option trader.

There is no easier way to get all the knowledge you will need to get into the lucrative stock option game. Here are just a few of the things you will learn in “Creating Wealth Trading Stock Options”:

***A Little Known Parlay Technique To Multiply Your Profits***

***Which Options To Buy And How To Find Them***

***How Insiders Trade Options And How Profit From It***

***Option Volatility And How To Trade It***

***How To Protect Your Stock Portfolio From Market Fluctuations***

***How To Time Your Trades For Maximum Profits***

***And Much More***

After completing “Create Wealth Trading Stock Options” you will possess a wide variety of proven trading techniques that you can profit from immediately. From beginning to end this manual is filled with practical methods to help you succeed in the options market.

Stock options can also be used to maximize profits of stocks you already own. Stock options can even be used to lower the price you pay for a stock at the time of purchase. There are so many ways to make money using stock options and the sad part is the average investor never takes advantage of all the profit potential of stock options.

The Monthly Paycheck

The technique I teach you in this manual will produce monthly income by selling options. This is one of the safest most exciting forms of investment. Many investors are getting returns of 20% a month or more with this incredible technique.

This method of selling calls is fast becoming a popular way to create monthly income in the stock market. If you like the idea of fast money than you will want your copy of the “Monthly Paycheck”.  Here are just a few of the benefits this manual will provide:

***Perpetual monthly income from the stock market***

***Returns of up to 20% a month…Not a year!***

***Protection against a drop in stock prices***

***Compatible with your IRA accounts***

***Requires very little cash to get started***

***Plus much more***

If you are looking to start making monthly income like many successful traders on wall street do then you must read your copy of the “Monthly Paycheck” as soon as you receive it. It really is a simple way to make money. It is time to get excited about making money!

It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or an advanced trader, my manual “Creating Wealth Trading Stock Options” will help you achieve the type of wealth you have only dreamed about.

The Secrets Of Wall Street

There are “Secret Stock Signals” that professionals use to determine which direction a stock will move. These signals are not complicated. In fact, once you know what to look for you can spot them in a matter of a few seconds.

Once you spot the trade signal all you do is enter the trade and then wait for the trade to work to take your profits. Some trades will work the very same day. Other trades you will have to wait days or in some cases weeks before the stock takes off and you get to collect your money. My point is you do not have to be glued to your computer. Just set the trade up and come back later.

Professionals have used these signals to pull money out of the market for decades. However, with the Internet, now anyone can find these remarkable signals and profit from them. The Wall Street professionals no longer have a monopoly on the financial markets. Once you understand these secret techniques you will be able to trade like a financial genius.

Let me give you an example of how these signals work. I like to play the bounce in a falling stock. When a stock is falling, how do you know if it is going to bounce or if you are just trying to catch a falling knife? With these “Secret Stock Signals” not only will you know which stocks will bounce you will also know what level they will bounce from. These techniques are incredibly powerful.

This is why the professional traders on Wall Street don’t want to let these secrets out because right now they have very little competition to make money on their trades. If everyone knew about these “Secret Stock Signals” they would make less money and eventually the trades would stop working.

Money Management For Traders

Learn the two simple rules to protect your profits and minimize your losses.

The Most important thing for any trader is money management. Money management can be the difference between winning and losing. Money management is crucial if you want to become a serious trader.

I only have a few rules for money management of a trade, but I can not stress enough how important these two rules are.Follow the two rules in this report and you will be well on your way to being a successful trader.


The "Wall Street Cash Flow Boot Camp" comes with all of these manuals in one big binder. This is a physical product so you will always have these at your finger tips. You will get them all. If you are at all serious about making serious profits trading in the markets then this is the education you need. Ok, Break it to me easy tall mike. What is all this going to cost? I know I could easily charge $1,000 for all the information contained in this boot camp and in the future I probably will. I have charged $197 for just one of these valuable manuals. You can do the math and see that it runs into a little bit of money. Today I am giving you the opportunity to get the whole Wall Street Cash Flow Boot Camp for only $197.

Take The 90 Day Test Drive!

I am giving you a full 90 days to put my trading systems to the test. Don’t take my word for it…you decide if it is the perfect trading system for you. At the end of your 90 day test drive, you must be 100% satisfied with the profits you are seeing, or I will refund your money with no questions asked. It is that simple and that fair.

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